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Bloom Early Education Center

A strategic approach to learning

Our highly-trained teaching staff produces an exciting way for the children in our care to experience the educational process with a number of hands-on toys, activities, and educational materials. Your child will also be introduced to knowledge through our organized classroom themes. Each of these themes correlates with Pennsylvania's Early Learning Standards and will allow your child to be fully immersed in one topic at a time.


Bloom Early Education Center provides families the best infant care, enrolling infants as young as 6 weeks old. The teachers in the infant room have both worked with us for over 10 years! It is important for your infant to have consistent caregivers. The Teachers have training in pediatric first aid, infant care and curriculum. Infants are assessed on their level of development; teachers take this information and work to have the babies reach the next milestone. There is a lot of time for hugs, snuggles and bonding. Teachers read stories and sing songs to enhance the babies’ language skills. Babies also have lots of tummy time; you won’t see infants waiting in cribs here. The babies are active all of their waking hours exploring and learning about their environment. We also have a safe floored outdoor area, so the babies get outside time often.  


The toddler years are so exciting; this is the time where each child’s personalities start to develop. Trained teachers spend time with each child cuddling, snuggling and playing one on one. Our classroom has a variety of educational toys and activities for the toddlers to explore using all of their senses. The toddlers learn a lot:  large motor, fine motor, early literacy and exploring the world around them. The toddler area is safe so they have the freedom to explore. Teachers interact with toddlers in a pleasant, positive manner. This fun, happy atmosphere puts the toddlers at ease, causing less mistaken behavior. The teacher also understands that toddlers are learning about interacting with others, when a mistaken behavior occurs the teacher explains what should be done. Punishment is not necessary only teaching.  

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Bloom Early Education Center has both private preschool (families pay) and public preschool (paid by Department of Education).  Both programs follow the very strict guidelines set by PA Department of Education for preschools. Children who graduate from our preschool go to school ready and excited about learning. The teachers instill confidence, social skills and thinking skills in the children in our program. The preschoolers are taught using hands on fun methods. The teachers cover more than the basics found in other preschools. There is an emphasis on science and math, along with literacy, creative thinking, problem solving and understanding the world around us. We supplement the fun hands on activities with many field trips, believing the children need to see and experience before they can truly understand a subject. All of these great “out of the box” teaching strategies prepare our preschoolers not just for kindergarten but their entire lives.

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School Age

Bloom Early Education Center offers both before and after school care and summer camp. In before and after school care, the children have the opportunity to set their make their own choices. They can participate in open ended art, play with a variety of toys and games, rest, do their homework and socialize with their friends. There is also time in the play ground every day. Bloom safely transports children to Dana Street and Schuyler Avenue Elementary Schools.


Summer Camp

Summer Camp is open to all students who have completed Kindergarten.  Children come to our Summer Camp from different school districts throughout Luzerne County. The children have a great time, as they are on the go almost every day throughout the summer. We offer many field trips, time at our local parks and nature trips throughout the summer.  The children have tons of time to play and interact and just be kids!

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