We want to introduce your child to a lifelong love of learning

Bloom Early Education Center

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Making your child feel special

Once enrolled at Bloom Early Education Center, your child will also be introduced to knowledge through our organized classroom themes. Each of these themes correlates with Pennsylvania's Early Learning Standards and will allow your child to be fully immersed in one topic at a time.


By varying the manner in which we present information, your child is able to learn through exploration, interactivity, and experimentation. Armed with an established joy for learning, they are sure to be on track to thrive both in school and out.

Your child’s education is important to us

Our teachers receive many trainings each year to enhance their knowledge in child development, health and safety, classroom management and curriculum. Many also have specialized degrees in Early Education. They understand young children better through this education and training.

Experience you can count on

Bloom Early Education Center boasts a long-term staff with low turnover rates. In fact, many of our teachers have worked here for over 10 years!  This means that your child will be able to form and maintain a bond with their teachers.

We provide a nurturing environment for your child to flourish.

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Teaching little children

Educational activities and programs for all ages

Bloom Early Education Center teaches using Creative Curriculum.  Children will learn through hands on experiences.  Assessment reports are completed on each child three times a year.  Children grow and learn while at Bloom.  Pennsylvania’s Department of Education Early Learning Standards are incorporated each day.  

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