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Quality care for those crucial years

The toddler years are so exciting; this is the time where each child’s personalities start to develop. That's why our classroom has a variety of educational toys and activities for the toddlers to explore using all of their senses. It is also why our teachers receive many trainings each year to enhance their knowledge in child development, health and safety, classroom management and curriculum.

Your child’s education is important to us

The toddlers in our care learn a lot: large motor, fine motor, early literacy and much, much more! The toddler area is also safe so they have the freedom to explore the world around them. This is critical to both their mental and physical development.

Punishment is not necessary - only teaching

Our caregivers are committed to spending time with each child, cuddling, snuggling and playing one on one. By interacting with them in a pleasant, positive manner, our teachers put the toddlers at ease, and cause less mistaken behavior.

Our specialized educational activities will prepare your child for a lifetime of learning.


Get care you can count on

Thanks to their extensive training and years of experience, our teachers also understand that toddlers are just learning about how to interact with others. When a mistaken behavior occurs, they will explain to them what should be done rather than resort to punishment.

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