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Get your child ready for kindergarten

Our customized program will help prepare your child with the knowledge they need to excel. Don’t miss their formative years. Get your child enrolled in a pre-kindergarten class today.

Proud to facilitate a Pre-K Counts classroom

We are one of the selected number of child care centers that offers the Pennsylvania's Pre-K Counts program with FREE public preschool.


Who's eligible?

Families with children ages 3 and 4 are encouraged to apply. Applicants will be chosen based on income guidelines that include many middle-class families; a family of 4 can earn up to $70,650.


Are the teachers qualified?

Our teachers meet the same qualifications that they need to work for school districts.


What will my child learn?

Your child will undergo several investigative studies in which they will practice forming questions and working towards answers.


This curriculum will turn your child into a scientist while enhancing development in all learning domains.


Will my child be ready for kindergarten?

Studies show that most children who complete Pre-K Counts meet or exceed all the criteria to excel in kindergarten and beyond!

See how our Pre-K Counts class can prepare your young student.

Call us to find out if your child is eligible for Pre-K Counts